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Hospital Track


Ideal for use in hospital casualty, intensive care, retirement homes, dental and doctors surgeries, for flexibility around bed space.


Monotrack moving rail system enables flexibility and use of IV equipment.


Monotrack features include fixed rail system, curtain cassette available for ease of removal and replacement of screens when laundering. Mounting hardware readily available for all types of installations.



The installation of this system is perfect for operating rooms and intensive care. It enables complete freedom of movement around beds wherever it is installed for intravenous feeding.

The IV Carrier is fitted with 2 nylon wheels and is constructed to create a 5 point suspension system with a stainless steel safety hook attached to the carrier body.

The intravenous track and carrier are normally supplied and installed as a ‘U’ shape track in half the width of the bed. This then allows up to 5 intravenous drip systems to drop to the patient without interference.